Episode 2: Coronavirus Powergrab

Episode 2 Part 1

  1. My Initial Reaction:
    1. Chinese Origin
      1. Natural at first
      2. Almost immediately it came out that the Wuhan Virology lab was RIGHT THERE, within walking distance from the wet market.
        1. I remembered the Wuhan name because in January 2020 a Harvard Professor was arrested for failing to disclose his “involvement” with the Wuhan Institute of Technology (involvement means they secretly paid him over a million). Paid for with US government funds!
  • I felt that this was very likely a virology lab leak, either that a bioweapon or just some crap they were working on.
  1. On the other hand, I was OK with the lockdown, because it was consistent with the 1918 Flu Pandemic response: “We’re all in this together! Stay home, stay safe!”
  2. Then I noticed warning signs that there was more going on than met the eye.
    1. By March Goldman Sachs seemed to have an inordinately detailed understanding of how the virus would affect the world.
      1. Money always knows what’s going on, even if it is illegal, because they’re always involved, especially when it IS illegal. Jeffrey Epstein’s bankers, for example, bent over backwards to service his accounts even after he has been arrested for sex crimes! The banks own staff warned about him, the managers there just yawned, fines were paid and the show went on.
    2. Deep Staters and Globalists were publicly planning for the remaking of the whole world order right in the middle of the pandemic lockdown here, here, as well as going for a power grab within the US itself, and which continues to this day.
  3. When the riots began right in the midst of the lockdown and were allowed to rage unchecked, I finally had to acknowledge the rank hypocrisy, double standards and political machinations of the whole situation.
    1. Justifiable anger? You bet!
    2. Allowing the riots to burn 48 of the 50 largest US cities over and over again, desecrate historical monuments and demonize people based on race, all under the guise of BLM: I call bullshit!  At best, it panders to the radical lefts anarchistic fringe, at worst it is potential voter intimidation.  Hey, ordered a ballot to be sent to me because I don’t want to show up at a voting place surrounded by thugs and have to walk away, without voting, for fear for my personal safety.
      1. As far as Antifa is concerned, I get the concept of Brown Shirts better than most. Antifa seeks to suppress the vote of everyone they’re pissed at, which is anyone doing better than them.
        1. A word of advice to my brown and black working-class brothers: don’t trust any alliance with white fanatics who claim to have your best interests at heart. Most white people have nothing but solidarity with their fellow working class Americans of all races, but white fanatics are still just as bad as the Colonialists and Sea to Shining Sea people ever were.  Ally yourselves with them at your peril.
      2. Clearly these riots, with zero consideration for any pandemic concerns, were authorized at the very highest levels of government.
        1. Who can forget Nancy Pelosi (who put the P in pandering) taking a knee and then not being able to get up? Nancy’s Knees are just not up to acts of even faux contrition.  She is used to kneeling on the necks of the working class to cushion her knees from the mean streets everyone else walks every day.
      3. At the time of the shut down , though, I was mostly concerned by people being designated as “essential workers”.
        1. As a healthcare professional I am considered essential and so kept working during the shutdown. Also got to keep working because they could telework from home.  I have a neighbor who builds the bombs that our Government uses to kill brown and black people in third world countries.   He likes to take a leisurely constitutional every morning before starting his work day, along with the rest of the Deep Staters enjoying their conga line of health, in contrast to non-essential people, who line up at food banks.  I have to dodge them all as I head off to work in the morning to treat actual people, potentially infected people, every day since the pandemic started.
        2. Truly non-essential workers are those pour souls who are neither “essential”, nor able to make weapons of mass destruction or bean count for the Government or its innumerable contractors from the comforts of their own home.
          1. Those people have been told to stay home, stay safe, and starve while awaiting their eviction notices so they don’t risk the lives of aging boomers or government workers who have somehow become more important than our own children, who are forced to stay home and pretend to learn on a Zoom meeting.
        3. Once you have labelled a group of people disposable, optional, or non-essential, you have opened the door to dehumanization and eventually, extermination.
          1. The Jews are a perfect example.
          2. Abortion is another: Even the most hard-core pro-abortion fanatic has to admit that, even if a fetus isn’t a person, destroying a fetus prevents a person.
  • I am not anti-abortion; it is a medical procedure after all, with a CPT code, so it is a legitimate billable medical service.
  1. But as a form of free speech, it is a horror show. Stopping a human life is sometimes a necessary tragedy, but to celebrate it as free speech is to communicate to your children the implicit message that they exist only at your pleasure and by your whim, and not because they have any intrinsic value or self-worth as an individual.
  2. Humans have performed over 40 million abortions this year alone, and we do so every year without hesitation. Consider then the crocodile tears over a measly one or two million deaths ‘mother nature’ has visited upon us with this pathetic pandemic.  How affronted we are when some agency other than ourselves kills us!  And yet as a result, the entire world is upended?  Millions of others must suffer and the world order be made anew?  Forgive me for saying that if you cannot see this as a power grab, then you would’ve made a great Nazi stooge.  It is no conspiracy to watch one’s civil liberties stripped away in a blatant power grab over a disease far less lethal to human life than the abortion industry.
  3. And for those poor young souls forced to endure the toxic propaganda of the virus and the riots and the white race shaming, who are forced to do virtual school just to keep a few degenerate Baby Boomers alive for a few more years, my heart weeps. Not only are they socially retarded because they have already spent most of their lives online brainwashed and addicted to social media, but now they don’t even get to socialize in person, let alone without masks.  When that blank faced, socially Moronic kid delivers your food by scooter, don’t complain when they’re acting spectrum.  Because they are all spectrum now.  And yes, it is making them crazy.  I know first hand that many of the High School kids in my area have been hospitalized for psychiatric break downs this year, and many more are on psychiatric medication.  They’re not inherently stupid.  They know that they could’ve been aborted in service to their mothers need for self-expression.  Now they also know that certain adults are expendable.  Welcome to the club, kids!
  1. And now, for my next episode, my thoughts as to whether or not the Corona Virus is an actual bioweapon.