Episode 3 Corona Virus Part 2

Is the Corona Virus a Bio-weapon?

No!  It is a virus that has been weaponized.  But let’s look at why it was not an engineered bioweapon first, then we’ll take a look at how the worlds response to it has been weaponized against us.


Eric Weinstein: “One should not attempt to allege a type of conspiracy that has never been encountered before.”


The Corona virus isn’t a bioweapon is because no one has ever used a bioweapon before.  Remember, don’t postulate a novel conspiracy.  Except that the Hittites used disease infected cattle to weaken their enemies thousands of years ago.  In fact so many sketchy things were used in chemical and biological warfare in the ancient world that it boggles the mind.  But that’s ancient history.  Surely no one has done that recently?

Oops, the Japanese sure did, in WW2.  Flea bombs full of plague, among other things.  Tens of thousands of deaths, in China.  Let the rats out!   How did they get the fleas into the bombs, anyway?  Thank God that the USA never stooped so low as to exploit the wicked research of those psychopathic WW2 bad guys.  Other than hiring that Nazi SS officer to run NASA and that other Nazi to help him, who ran the V-2 rocket factory where 20,000 Jewish slave laborers were worked to death.

Of course I am kidding, we so totally got all that research!!  Even though General MacArthur ruled Japan via the military after the war, somehow we never managed to get around to prosecuting the people responsible for the Japanese bio-weapons and human experimentation crimes.  Well, I’m sure we just sat on that research and never explored the issue further.

Wrong again!  We tested live virus distribution right here in the USA.  We budgeted for mass production of biological agents in peace time.  The US Army Medical Department Center and School. Borden Institute put out a book in 2018 that explicitly discusses, in detail, the most current potentialities of germ warfare.   This included corona viruses.

But what we don’t have precedent for is the USA launching an unprovoked attack on another country that caused international death and destruction and which was ultimately used to strip the population of basic rights and usher in a new era of dystopian control over the population.  Because had we made the Corona virus and released it in China, we would have done so knowing full well that the chickens would come home to roost right in our own back yard.

Wrong again!!  It was called the Bush and Obama administrations.  We invaded Iraq under false pretenses, we used Afghanistan as our own permanent warfare training ground, and Obama took the ball and ran with it with commando attacks and bombing runs against seven countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.  We actually totally destroyed Libya, with the help of Obamas rabid lap dog Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time and whose corruption was so bad, it got us Donald Trump for president.

On second thought, maybe the corona virus really was a bioweapon?!  There is historical precedent throughout human history.  Our own country has experimented on its own people and we are currently feeling no reservations about abusing our own population during the lockdowns with the same ferocity with which we customarily abuse foreigners every day.  Eric Weinstein has another quote that applies to our Governments current response to the coronavirus: “The idealism of every era is actually the cover story for a theft.”


The virus response was, at first, for the public good.  Stay home, stay safe.  But it quickly became the cover story for the theft of our most precious constitutional freedoms.  It became an excuse to exert Soviet Style control over the population merely for the sake of control, under the pretext of serving the public good as an excuse.

In this way, the virus has made our basic personal freedoms conditional.  You may assemble, if they say so, if the numbers we are cooking up let you, as long as there aren’t too many of you, or you’re on the wrong side of the political spectrum. Unless you’re rioting.  For those who chose to stay safe instead of burning and looting, masks, shields, gloves have all become so much “Flair”, to use a reference from the movie “Office Space.”  Virtue signal your obedience, or get a 2 x 4 upside your head. It’s the double standard between riots on the one hand and the lockdowns on the other that is your canary in the coal mine sign that you’re being played.

Making our legal freedoms conditional is simply the first step in taking them away, period.  The pandemic is the cover story of a theft because the measures used are just as dangerous as the virus itself.  How many millions of Americans have been thrown into poverty due to Covid?  Lost their health insurance?  Lost or will lose their home?  Will become homeless?  Have or will commit suicide?  Will die because they can’t get cancer screenings, or because people avoid the ER?  And yet the richest of Americans are getting richer while jobs evaporate and small business are closing down left and right.  Theft, thievery, thieving.  The story of a theft.  Not to mention the lost years of education for our school aged children who, having survived abortion, are once again thrown under the bus for the sake of their elders.

The Federal Government has just moved into its most gloriously color-blind phase ever.  It’s not red-skins, it’s not the blacks, it’s not the Mexicans or even the Arabs anymore who may be exploited, killed, enslaved and demonized.  Our Government has finally freed itself from the limitations of abusing people based on race.  Our government now treats EVERYONE the same.  If you’re not a member of the elites, the political class or the donor class, then YOU ARE NONESSENTIAL, and are therefore expendable.  You, with your pesky civil liberties and your ridiculous Constitution.  What a buzzkill we are for the Jeffrey Epstein’s and Harvey Weinstein’s and Nancy Pelosi’s of the world.

This election year, in honor of Halloween, we now have the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  The Zombie Biden and his maniacally laughing sidekick Kamala Harris, who acts like she’s running for Joker in Chief.  Then there is the Orange Monster, and His sidekick, the Lord of the Flies Mike Pence.