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Episode 4 Aliens! Aliens! Aliens!

These are the notes for the show I used to guide me as we chat, and these links immediately below are the New York Times  articles I am referencing and quoting from. December 16, 2017 May 26, 2019 May 14, 2020 July 23, 2020 July 28, 2020   General Observable Characteristics: “..move at very high … Continue reading Episode 4 Aliens! Aliens! Aliens!

Episode 3 Corona Virus Part 2

Is the Corona Virus a Bio-weapon? No!  It is a virus that has been weaponized.  But let’s look at why it was not an engineered bioweapon first, then we’ll take a look at how the worlds response to it has been weaponized against us.   Eric Weinstein: “One should not attempt to allege a type … Continue reading Episode 3 Corona Virus Part 2

Episode 2: Coronavirus Powergrab

Episode 2 Part 1 My Initial Reaction: Chinese Origin Natural at first Almost immediately it came out that the Wuhan Virology lab was RIGHT THERE, within walking distance from the wet market. I remembered the Wuhan name because in January 2020 a Harvard Professor was arrested for failing to disclose his “involvement” with the Wuhan … Continue reading Episode 2: Coronavirus Powergrab

Welcome to Back Story with Doctor B, Episode 1

Episode 1 Scroll to the bottom for the podcast. See this podcast unedited on YouTube! My Facebook Link:   I’d like to thank Eric Weinstein for helping me find the focus to get started with my podcast. Two of his episodes have given me a contextual framework for doing this podcast:  Episode 25: The … Continue reading Welcome to Back Story with Doctor B, Episode 1